Namaz-e Hadya-e Mayyit

Namaz-e Hadya-e Mayyit means the salat that is done for sending its reward as gift to a deceased person.

This salat can be done at any time, as many times, and for as many deceased people as possible. (Unlike the namaz-e wahshat which can be done only for one person at a time.)

Namaz-e Hadya-e Mayyit can be said like the subh prayer; only the niyyat (intention) changes.

However, it is better to do this namaz in the method taught by Imam Ja‘far as-Sãdiq (a.s.) as follows:

1st Rak‘at: al-Hamd and then surah al-Qadr once.

2nd Rak‘at: al-Hamd and then al-Kawthar once.