Muslim since: 1998
Previous religious identification/thoughts: Lutheran and then later born-again Evangelical Christian
Place of birth: Minnesota
Grew up in: Minnesota
Race(s): German (75%), Norwegian, and English
Native language(s): English
Second language(s): Spanish
Languages dabbled in: Hindi, Urdu, French, Arabic
Children: 1 young son
Education: M.A. in Linguistics; M.S. in Software Engineering
Countries visited: Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan
Hobbies/Projects/Interests: working on my Web site, Modest Clothing Directory; founding Shia Muslim Converts of Minnesota; sometime editor of children’s literature, academic papers, books, etc.; academic research in Urdu natural language processing
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Muslim since: 2001
Place of birth: Minnesota
Grew up in: Minnesota
Race(s): German (100%)
Native language(s): English
Second language(s): German, Arabic
Languages dabbled in: Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Farsi
Children: none currently
Education: Graduated from Mahtomedi High School; one year of Art College; currently enrolled for fall session at St. Paul College in the AAS program for Computer Programming.
Countries visited: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, and the Netherlands
Hobbies/Projects/Interests: I am involved in Sufism and interfaith dialogue. I regularly give speeches to Sufi groups about the teachings of the Ahl ul Bayt in an effort to create a greater understanding of each other. Other hobbies include: art, calligraphy, poetry, exercising, cooking, and reading.
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Muslim since: 1999
Previous religious identification/thoughts:
Place of birth: Illinois
Grew up in: Minnesota
Race(s): German (50%) and Italian (50%)
Native language(s): English
Second language(s): none
Languages dabbled in: German, Koine Greek, Arabic
Children: young twin sons and a pre-teen son
Education: 2-year Diploma in Computer Programming from St. Paul Technical College, 3-year Diploma from Good Shepherd Bible Institute
Countries visited: Canada, Mexico, Philippines
Hobbies/Projects/Interests: Comparative Religion, History, Astronomy, writing a concise history of Christianity from the early Church to modern American Fundamentalism


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