As-Salaam Alaikum!

We want to provide support and education to adults who have embraced Shia Islam. If you know of a convert or if you are one yourself, please contact our coordinators (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You needn’t be a Minnesotan to contact us if you need help. We can network to help you find help wherever you are. Even if you’re not a Muslim yet, but think you may want to be, let us know!

Our purpose, in general, is to help Shia Muslim converts blossom into knowledgeable, committed Muslims who are integrated with the greater Muslim ummah, and who can navigate the waters of their non-Muslim families. Our purpose is not to retreat from the greater body of Muslims in order to be by ourselves.

Some of our programs and classes may be suitable to born again Muslims and people who were raised Muslim, but not Shia, and are now Shia. We welcome you with open arms, too.

Let us Help You

If you’re a convert and haven’t had the nerve to go to one of the two Shia Islamic centers in the Twin Cities area out of fear of the unknown, please contact us. We’ll answer your questions and find someone to go with you the first time, insha’allah.

We’re available for any other help related to your conversion as well. We have a collective wealth of knowledge that will, in time insha’allah, get onto this Web site, but until then, don’t be tentative to call or write.

New Convert Gift Packs

We’ve got free gift packs for new Muslims. If you’re a new Muslim and don’t yet have the essential items you need to start your life as a devoted Muslim, contact us so we can give you a gift pack.

Thanks be to Allah (SWT), we are able to sponsor to gift packs we give away to new Muslims without connections. If you are already a Muslim or represent a Muslim organization and want a gift pack for someone you know, we’re happy to send you one if you can find sponsors for it. We sell the gift packs for what we paid for the items in them—no profit markup (plus you pay shipping). contact us for prices.